What led to the development of the “Indian Silicon Valley”?

India has so far produced a major percentage of It experts who work at significant designations in the most renowned firms worldwide for instance the CEO of google, Sundar Pichai, comes from India. Thus, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that ‘IT’ runs in the blood of Indians.

Although there are time and a few bad elements that slur the name of the nation, and that is why the most senior and the retired ‘IT’ have set up this community that comprises of strictly the best and the most dedicated IT experts. We hope to explore and lift up the best ‘IT’ talent, and to discard off the bad elements from the market..

How we hire:-
  • Language: - The proficiency in the English language is the first test to be cleared by an applicant to be a part of the Indian Silicon Valley.
  • Skill test: - On time idea generation and the freshness of one’s ideas is the most valued quality, here, at the ‘Indian Silicon Valley’, and every applicant has to go through this check.
  • Online interview: - An online interview is then conducted by the committee of the senior IT experts to make sure that the efficiency and skill level of the applicant is worth our community.
  • Sample tests: - Sample tests are given to the applicants to solve and to showcase their capabilities.
  • Candid session the CTO and the CEO: - The final round makes the applicant to face the CEO and the CTO for the final assessment of his potential.

About Job Stock

Indian Silicon Valley is digital firm that uses the new world technology to get you the best workmen for the versatile projects of its clients. We got you the best skills men of their field at direct access with you. The most talented and professional freelancers are now just a click away from you!